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Most of my novels are set in the fictional African country known as Diamboland whose capital city is Diambo City. Other major cities in Diamboland are the Port of Jani to the east of the country and Alamapak located in the western region of the country.
setting for my novels
Diamboland is under the leadership of a ruthless tribal oligarch led by His Excellency the granduncle Mandherich who has been at the helm for more than 25 years having suspended the constitution, done away with democratic presidential elections and entrenched both corruption, tribalism and nepotism.
The country has suffered tribal clashes, drought and other artificial disasters for a long period under his leadership and those who oppose him are summarily executed, detained without trial or disappear without a trace.
The main referral hospital is Mandherich National Hospital. Other important features are the Diambo maximum prison that houses detainees, Diambo River which supports the economy, the port of Jani, a gateway to the green sea of Diambo, the Diambo Institute of Primate Research, the Agricultural Research Institute of Diambo, GASP Catholicism cathedral of Diambo and the University of Diambo.
University of Nairobi