Serotonin to Blame for Higher Depression Levels in Women

September 22, 2018 0 By admin

Four times more women than men suffer from depression

Studies reveal that women have higher depression levels than men and this because of the neurotransmitter serotonin whose levels differ significantly between men and women. While depression affects a paltry 10% of men, a whopping 40% of women seek treatment for feeling low due to hormonal or other biochemical reasons.

Female brains are wired to have more mood swings

According to research, female brains are wired to make them more anxious, depressed and have mood swings. While men may suffer from all these, these conditions are more likely in women folk. Researchers at Karolinksa Institute in Sweden scanned brains of both sexes and found that female brains held onto serotonin for much longer than male brains and that male brains produced more of this transmitter than female brains.

Men produce 52% more serotonin than women

This disparity in serotonin levels and utilization could be the reason for higher depression levels in women compared to men. Researchers at the University of Montreal in Canada also discovered that men make 52% more serotonin than women, results which further reinforce those of the Swedish institute.

Fluctuating estrogen levels further accentuate depression and mood swings

Fluctuating estrogen levels are also part of the reason why she may be feeling very happy now only for her to become moody for no apparent reason. Have you always wondered why depression never seems to leave you? Blame it on the hormones!