10 Signs you are Dating a Criminal

March 24, 2018 1 By admin

Nobody goes round announcing their criminality or criminal intentions. You could be dating a criminal without knowing or you could be too blinded by love to even give it a thought. Here are ten signs you could be dating one.

  1. Desire to hurt other animals – Not just pets. There are these people who when they see a cockroach or a snake, even before it bites anyone, they already want it dead, and may pursue it to the end of the world just to smash it. If that’s your boyfriend or girlfriend I have just described, sorry, you are dating a criminal.
  2. Communicative inability – There are those people who can’t talk, can’t express themselves and won’t make any attempts to communicate their thoughts. They are more likely to resort to violence when all attempts fail and you should always be on the lookout for an incoming slap or a flying fist. If they won’t talk, run my dear, run.
  3. Keeps weapons around – Let no one cheat you that they carry a knife with them to peel potatoes or carrots in case they become hungry or chop sugar cane into pieces when the craving strikes. Only a man or woman with criminal intentions will go round town with a knife, gun or any weapon.
  4. Drug and alcohol abuse – Do they use anything stronger than coffee and a little on the heavier side? Do they consume excessive alcohol or use drugs that are not socially permissible like cocaine and marijuana? Their likelihood of hurting you or hurting other people and blaming it on snuff is higher than you can imagine. Run.
  5. Social withdrawal – You know what I mean. They sit on their own, they hate company, including yours, they appear depressed and won’t say why, they are isolated and won’t do stuff like watching the news, getting excited by sport or other signs of normal humans, all these are bad signs.
  6. Secret source of income – Never be attracted to a man or woman with a lavish lifestyle but no clear source of income. That’s a criminal for sure. No one can spend 50,000 every night, dine at Villa Rosa Kempinsky, ride a yacht every weekend, take an uber chopper from club to club and live a rich-man lifestyle with no clear source of income. Sorry, you are dating a thug.
  7. Use of threats – Don’t take threats likely. There are men who always threaten you with dire consequences. Stuff like ‘I’ll chop you into pieces, I’ll kill you some day, I’ll do this or that…’ These may sound like empty threats but symbolize real intentions.
  8. No signs of empathy – You don’t have to be related to anyone by blood or marriage to empathize when they are in unfavorable situations. A man or woman who shows no sympathy and doesn’t even pretend to feel sad or sorrowful towards situations that warrant the same is a crook, no doubt about that.
  9. Anger outbursts – Uncontrolled anger is one of the signs of criminality. If his anger makes him punch walls, throw tantrums, somersault in rage and hurl household items across the room, he is a criminal with the potential to kill, not just hurt you. Run, my dear, run.
  10. Hidden family or no family – You’ve been dating for a while and there’s no mention of family. I mean, you know nothing about a brother, a sister, a parent, a cousin or anyone related to them, and not even asking helps matters. Worse still, they deviate from all attempts to mention or discuss family related stuff. CRIMINAL!