Raila Odinga

Baba, While You Were Away: Season II

November 14, 2017 0 By admin

The opposition is in disarray

The opposition is suffering right now. With Raila away, and Kalonzo attending to his sick wife, NASA is rudderless, more like a headless chicken than a formidable mass movement it promised to be upon changing to the not very inspiring National Resistance Movement. There isn’t much happening and perhaps the second coming of baba, the Jesus of Nyanzareth could help recapture some of the momentum that has since been lulled by the disappearance from the scene by the two principals.

Ride a donkey into the city center

If I were Raila, I would land in Addis A(baba), Ethiopia, travel by road through Mandera to Nairobi and take a donkey, yes, ride an ass, into the city center and specifically Uhuru Park. I would then have a few opposition MPs, Junet Mohammed, Bonnie Khalwale, Aisha Jumwa and Mishi Mboko, lead the crowd in singing the baba while you were away tune so that it culminates into a mass movement that the opposition so much craves but has not been able to galvanize for a long time.

Parade maverick senators and governors

Maverick senators and governors, past and present, would then be paraded, Joho and Muthama are very good at this, and take up the tune to the all time crescendo that has been lacking since the presidential re-run. I would then promise dire consequences if the supreme court upholds the October 26th presidential rerun that I didn’t take part. I would also warn the envoys not to meddle any further and let matters take their own course. Then I would retreat quietly, the mood on the ground being hesitant, to my sacred grove in Bondo, and await for the ramifications of my second coming.

Call for national dialogue

Church leaders would most likely renew calls for national dialogue, and knowing jubilee are unlikely to heed to these calls, I would tell them to stop cheapening the call for reforms by calling for a sharing of a few national offices, and that would be the end of my story, ahead of 2022, when I run against William Ruto and Kalonzo Musyoka, with Musalia Mudavadi as my running mate. But you know I am not Raila, don’t you? Let us wait for Friday.